You will be able to rest and discover wonderful places before your intervention

(Picture: Santa Rosa, Risaralda – Eje Cafetero)

Your surgical procedure will be performed in Neurocentro!

We have priority care for our patients residing abroad. Come to Pereira (Risaralda, Colombia), in the center of the Coffee region, where you will access all our specialized neuroscience services, in one place!

Neurosciences at your service

All subspecialties in one place!

Epilepsy, Parkinson, Spasticity, Incontinence, Chronic Pain, do not get used to suffering from a neurological pathology.

We are the only multidisciplinary center in the coffee region that brings together various specializations of the neurosciences for the approach, treatment, and surgical intervention of neurological pathologies.

Priority care for our patients residing abroad.

Agility in the processing of specific services.

Lower intervention costs and no policy requirements.

Travel with your loved ones and enjoy the tourist benefits of our country 🇨🇴

We approach our patients in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way: We evaluate each particular case, the cognitive, clinical, and surgical possibilities, finding solutions at the crossroads of different views and subspecialties.

Clinical Neurology, Neurosurgery, Algesiology, Psychiatry, Neuropsychology, Neurourology, Neuro Orthopedics, Neuromuscular Diseases, Internal Medicine, Neurology with a specialty in Epilepsy, Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.

Surgical interventions are evaluated academically in a technical-scientific committee (or medical board) that allows the prognosis and the possibility of benefit or risk, which you may have, to evaluate from different fronts before performing surgery.

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Learn about the alternatives we have to support you to treat and overcome your neurological pathology.
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